Pens for all kinds of business

People and companies are constantly on the move. What type of give away or merchandise do you use to show that you are on the move? With the Original Floating Action Pen you are getting the “on the move” feature with a small image moving back and forth inside the liquid filled barrel, i.e. a train going from A to B on a city map or skyline as backdrop, add a couple of signs on the foreground to show where the train stops and add the logo and website to the back panel. Use floaty pens to promote the opening of a new bus line, a new division, a new flight route, a new shopping mall, a new delivery route or use the pens to bring attention on sport events like Tour de France, Wimbledon or simply to brand your company in a different way. Only the imagination sets the limits! We are on the move – What about you? Are you also on the move? If so use floaty pens to show that you are also on the move and going in different directions.