Ballpoint pen companies

Eskesen is one of the oldest ballpoint pens companies in the world. Other ballpoint pen companies include BIC, Parker, Mont Blanc, Prodir and Senator. Eskesen stands out from the crowd. Our Original Floating Action pens are such unique products, that most people know them. Floaty pens have the ability to captivate the receiver and appeal to all ages and genders. They bring out a smile in people.

The Original Floating Action ballpoint Pen, has been a popular promotional give-away and souvenir since it was invented in the early 1950's, and Eskesen has grown to be one of the world's finest ballpoint pen companies.

The pen is used by both large and small companies as give-aways and promotional products, it is used for merchandise for movies, sports events and teams and much more. However, it is probably as a souvenir, with a red london bus, the Eiffel tower, or a river boat most people are familiar with the pen.

Irrespective of the use it is as popular as ever, because of it's timeless design and the endless possibilities to create magnificents moving scenes in the barrel.

We have a design tool which is free to use and we urge you to try it out. You can custom design your pen and you can view it with movement when you are finished.

Click HERE to create your own Promotional ballpoint pen design or HERE to create your souvenir ballpoint pen design.