Ballpoint pen manufacturers

Eskesen is one of the most important ballpoint pen manufacturers in the world. We manufacture ballpoint pens for promotional use as well as for souvenirs and merchandise. Having produced ballpoint pens for more than 50 years we are your experts in advising how to use pens optimally in your branding campaigns or in retail sales.

The Original Floating Action ballpoint Pen, is one of the most popular souvenirs in the world and some of the largest companies in the world have used them as promotional products since they were invented in the early 1950's.

The pens outer design has of course been updated over the years, but the basic concept of having a film pice move between a background and a foreground is virtually unchanged since it's conception.

You can depict anything of your choice inside the barrel and this is why the Original Floating Action Pen is so flexible and can be used by many different business segments.

We have a design tool you can use absolutely free and we suggest you to try it. You can custom design your pen or keytag in minutes with your own images and you can view the final product with movement when you are finished.

Click HERE to create your own promotional ballpoint pen design or HERE to create your souvenir ballpoint pen design.