Best corporate gifts

The best corporate gifts are those that offer the receiver an experience by being unique. Eskesen manufactures some of the most unique and best corporate gifts on the promotional market - The Original Floating Action Pen. The pen is uniques in the sense that a custom floating scene inside the pen enables it to show motion through little pieces of film. Pens with motion make the best corporate gifts because they intrigue the receiver who will tilt the pen up and down to view the motion.

There is no magic formula to designing the best corporate gifts. The Original Floating Action pen is custom made to each customer's specification and unique situation.

Our skilled sales staff and art department have the ability to bring our the best qualities of each company we work with, to make the Floaty pen quite unique and one of the best corporate gifts the company has ever had.

You can design your own - just click HERE to create your own best corporate gift design.