Business advertising pens

Business advertising pens are, as the name indicates, used for advertising businesses, products and services. Business advertising pens come in many shapes and in all price levels, however, businesses should also be attractive, inspiring or do something else for the people who receive them as gifts. If business advertising pens are just plain pens with a print, they will be thrown away and the money invested is a waste.

Eskesen manufactures Business advertising pens which last almost forever, and that is not a joke. Several of the first pens ever manufactured by Eskesen nearly 60 years ago are still being kept by collectors.

Eskesen's pens are very special and unik in the sense that they offer much more than ordinary pens. A moving fil strip inside the barrel creates the famous Floating Action effect in the pen.

Almost anything can be depicted inside the pen. Moving cars, moving trains, machinery working or people working. A lot of special effects are possible as well.

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