Business advertising

Your business advertising is brought to life by Eskesen and the amazing Original Floating Action Pen! This is probably how it would be presented if business advertising was a TV-show and pens were part of the competing products in the show. Bur it is also how we would have presented it ourselves, because the floaty pens can truly work miracles for your business advertising.

The Original Floating Action Pen was invented by Peder Eskesen back in the 1950's and has since been refined into one of the best promotional products available for business advertising.

Inside the pen are a set of up to four small film strips, one of which moves in between two others. This creates the famous floaty scene where people can walk in the street and cars can drive behind buildings and reappear.

The possibilities are also endless when designing the floaty pens, and only your own imagination sets the limit for what can be shown inside the pen.

If you want to test your ideas, we have meade a product configurator that allows you to upload images and watch your finished design inside the floaty pen as a virtual samples.

Click HERE to create your own business advertising design.