Custom made pens

Custom made pens often involves just pad printing a logo on the pen. This is not the case with the Original Floating Action Pen from Eskesen. Our pens are truly custom made pens in the sense that they completely adapted to the individual customer requirements. The artwork inside the pen is custom and with the moving film inside it is a powerful tool and much more than ordinary

Custom made pens from Eskesen, Denmark much more than ordinary promotional pens. They are unique little master pieces each with full colour custom artwork inside the pen.

One film strip moves when the pen is tilted and with this technique we can make product come off an assembly line, cars and vans can drive in the street and behind buildings and we can simulate mostly ani proudct and how it works.

You can use our configurator to try out how your custom made pens would look. Just download our templage or design manual from the download section, prepare your images and upload them and view the result instantly as a flash animated virtual sample.

Click HERE to create your own custom made pen design.