Customized promotional pens

For more than fifty years Eskesen has been among the leading manufacturers of customized promotional pens. Our product range includes the floaty pen - with moving images inside the pen.

Eskesen specializes in the design, manufacture, and sales of customized promotional pens.

A customized promotional pen from Eskesen is a little piece of art in every pen. In our customized promotional pens we care for the details and your Company, product or service is nurtured into a small piece of film telling a story about you.

Story telling in customized promotional pens is quite Unique in the promotional business. Mostly it is about printing a logo and matching PMS colours.

No so with our customized promotional floaty pens. Prior to producing each pen is a design process during which the floaty design is evaluated and sometimes quite a few variations are necessary to ahieve the best possible result.

The design can be created by Eskesen, by our customers or by an external agency, however, behind the finished floaty pen are many thoughts.

Designs can be tested (login not required) in our online configurator which lets anyone upload a design and view a virtual sample online with flash animation.

Add to this that the life span of a floaty pen by far exceeds that of most customized promotional pens. The floaty pen is kept long after the ink runs dry due to its appealing floating action design in the barrel.

With a little imagination you can create stunning designs in your customized promotional pens that consumers or business partners will treasure for many years.

Customized promotional pens are not just about the print of a logo on the barrel - it's what you make of it and what you want out of it.

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