Eskensen pens

Eskensen manufactures floaty pens and is among the the most popular pen manufacturers in the world. Eskensen pens are treasred by collectors world wide due to the amazing moving images inside the pen. The foaty effect can enhance any marketing campaign and bring life to your new product launch. Eskensen pens are kept long after the ink runs dry because they are a collector's item with pen collectors world wide.

Eskensen's FREE configurator can be used to create your very own floaty design. It is easy and the results are stunning.

Upload your images and watch as your corporate products come to life with flash animation, wath as your products come off the assembly line or as the delivery truck drives up to unload the shipment. Possibilities are endless.

Click HERE to create your own Eskensen pen design.

Note: Eskensen sells only b-2-b, not to private individuals, however, everyone is invited to try the configurator.