Floaty pen

A floaty pen is treasured by many people around the world- Thousands of colelctors have collected the floaty pen since they were children and a trading and swapping pens on e-bay, special collector's websites or at trade shows around the world. The popularity of the Floaty pen is immense and growing. Most people know the pen from their childhood, having played with the "lady" version in which a lady undresses. The Original Floating Action Pen is the only true Floaty pen. Do not support piracy - buy the original.

Design your own floaty pen. You do not need extensive graphic skills to make professional looking floaty pen designs. Just use some of the thousands of stock images or upload your own.

After having finished your design it is possible to forward, save, reedit, change product, change colours options and much more.

Your creativity is only mimited by your imagination, so click HERE to create your own floaty pen design.