Funky corporate gifts

Funky corporate gifts are in high demand as companies do wish to stand out from the crowd in the mass communication that promotion has turned out to be. One of the ways to get noticed is using the Original Floating Action Pen in your corporate marketing and brandling. Many of the world's largest corporations have discovered the advantages of the floaty pens and the ROI it gives.

Promoting your company with funky corporate gifts can be quite easy and simple. A floaty design is quite easy to make and you just need to come up with an idea of how you could imagine the pen to look.

Form the download section of this web site, you can download a photoshop or Illustrator template or download a design manual if you work with other programs.

Just prepare the images in the correct pixel sizes, upload them and 1-2-3 your funky corporate gifts are viewable as flash animated virtual samples.

Click HERE to create your own funky corporate gift design.