High quality ballpoint pens

A good advise when it comes to promotional products is to always buy quality ballpoint pens from known and trusted manufacturers. If your compay produce high quality products it could be devestating to your brand to use inferior ballpoint pens. You should as a minimum use promotional pens of equal quality as your own products.

Eskesen manufactures high quality ballpoint pens which are known and trusted in the market for more than fifty years now.

Among our customers you will find some of the world's largest corporations as well as small independent business and while we are capable of large scale production with a minimum order quantity as low as 500 pcs. everyone can join in.

Our high quality ballpoint pens are in a niche of their own and know globally for the moving images in the transparent barrel.

This feature has nick-named them "the floaty pen" although our official name for our high quality ballpoint pens is "The Original Floating Action Pen".

We pride ourselves from not using inferior raw materials in our production and although every aspect of production is controlled by us at our premises there are a few parts we do not manufacture ourselves - such the ink and ink cardridges. We do however, source only from European quality manufacturers to ensure our high quality ballpoint pens reamin just that.

Designing it is quite easy and you can click HERE to create your own high quality ballpoint pen design.

Made in Denmark and equipped with European ink - Your assurance that you are investing in a high quality ballpoint pen.

We are at your disposal to provide additional information. Please refer to our contact details at the bottom of this page.