Marketing ideas

Marketing ideas made simple! When your marketing department is planning the next event, product launch or promotion it can be hard to come up with marketing ideas. Eskesen has marketing ideas that will ensure a high ROI and get you noticed. Our main product - The Original Floating Action Pen - is the thrill factor you need.

With The Original Floating Action Pen you can design your the pen to fit your marketing ideas 100%. With a full colour moving design inside the pen it could be a mini-version of your TV-ad, it could be a stand alone mini-TV-ad, or it could be something completely different.

The floaty scene is 100% custom and printed digitally in very high quality. Almost anything can be designed for a floaty pen, people can dress and undress, liquids can pour from a bottle to a glass, elements can be revealed and unrevealed, it can be spooky, funny, serious or very corporate.

You can try it our absolutely free and without obligation. You do not even need to register to try our product configurator, which also allows you to make virtual flash animated samples with your own artwork and logos.

Click HERE to create your own marketing ideas design.