Promotional pen companies

Eskesen is not the most famous name among promotional pen companies, because we have widely been selling our world famous Original Floating Action Pens through promotional products distributors. However, with the internet having made product searches so much easier, more people have come to know that Eskesen is the inventor and manufacturer of the emmensely popular floaty pens.

Eskesen has manufactured the Original Floating Action Pens for more than fifty years and we are very well known among other promotional pen companies. We have participated in trade shows world wide and continue to do so, however, most of these trade shows are "trade only" which means there is no access to the general public.

Interesting thought that while most people know our products, few people know that Eskesen is the manufacturer and among the world's best promotional pen companies, in our opinion anyway.

No doubt that we manufacture on of the best know promotional pens in the world.

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