Promotional pen suppliers

Eskesen is one of the oldest Promotional pen suppliers in the world. We are in the fine company of pen companies which include BIC, Parker, Mont Blanc, Prodir and Senator just to mention a few of our pen colleagues in the promotional products market. If you are looking for promotional pen suppliers do not miss out on one of the finest promotional pens in the world - The Original Floating Action Pen.

Few promotional pen suppliers are as lucky as Eskesen. We have a unique product which provides our customers with unique possibilities of creating unique branding and promotion of their company, products and services.

With the floaty pens it is easy to create a design that supports the corporate marketing and branding strategy and at the same time to communicate this visually to the target group.

This is the real force of the floaty pen - visual communication. With a moving image inside the pen, which glides up and down when the pen is tilted, you are able to create visibly intriguing designs.

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