Promotional products pens

In terms of promotional products pens are by far the most popular product category. Pens are so popular because it is a product everyone can use irrespective of age. The Original Floating Action Pen is one of the most interesting in the promotional products pens category because of the unique floaty effect inside the pen.

The floaty effect was invented by Eskesen more than fifty years ago and consists of up to four full colour printed films which are inserted in the pen's barrel. One of these films glide up and down between two other films when the pen is tilted.

This way you can crete astonishing effects, like a dirty car going into a washing hall coming out clean on the other side, or a pig going into a slaughter house coming out as pork chops on the conveyor belt at the other end.

The possibilities are almost endless - you just have to imagine them, create the images and upload them to view a virtual sample on your screen - Free and without obligation or registration of any kind.

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