Writing pens

Writing pens are a funny expression. What would you do with a pen if not write with it. Well, it is not that simple. The Original Floating Action Pens entertain as much as they do write. The make people smile and from smiling comes business and good relations.

The reason the Original Floating Action Pens are such different from ordinary wirting pens is that we have placed four small images inside a liquid filled tube. When you tilt the pen one of the film slides will move and create the incredible floating action effect - invented by Eskeswen in the early 1950's.

You can try it out right here, right now. We made an advanced tool for designing floating action pens and you can use it for free and without oblication.

You do not even have to be registered or to log in, and yet you have ful acess to thousands of image combinations.

Click HERE to create your own writing pen design.