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Floating Action Toothbrush

Away from home, forgot your toothbrush? ESKESEN toothbrushes are popular due to the attractive floating action scene in the barrel. Children love them and look forward to brushing their teeth. This product is not sold in the United States and Canada.
Eskesen souvenir F16244 Floating Action toothbrush with Royal Castle design

Floating action designs consist of up to four artwork elements:

Back panel, background, floater and a foreground.

The back panel is mostly used for displaying contact details, logos etc.

The background is the bottom layer on top of which, the floater moves.

With a foreground the floater can pass behind an object, eg. a car passing a highway sign.

Try the configurator to view the endless possibilities of making unique and interesting designs for the Original Floating Action Pens & Keytags or create your own custom design.

This product is not sold in the United States & Canada.