Ímãs do refrigerador do acrílico

Eskesen manufactures acrylic refrigerator magnets with high quality designs moulded into the plastic. Acrylic refrigerator magnets are a large industry and Eskesen has developed attractive acrylic refrigerator magnets ready to be fitted with custom artwork. Always contact Eskesen when you are in need of Acrylic refrigerator magnets.

Refrigerator magnets are all about design. If the design is not attractive and inspiring the receiver would not want to put in on his or her refreigerator - Would you display something unattractive in your home?

Eslesen has made it easy to become create without extensive graphics skills. We designed a configurator which lets you play around with thousands of pre-made images, but you can also upload and use your own images. Virtual samples are available instantly, so you can se how your design looks in real life.

Click HERE to create your own acrylic refrigerator magnets in our product configurator