Advertising pen

An advertising pen is an important part of your marketing mix. The advertising pen should support your marketing strategy and should bring you an added benefit of additional customer awareness and not least product knowledge. Advertising pens can play a very important role and can be the core of your marketing.

Advertising pens come im a large variety of shapes and with many different functions. The quality ranges from very low to very high, and typically the higher quality is manufactured in Europe and USA.

One of the quality Imanufacturers is Eskesen in Denmark. Eskesen manufactures The Original Floating Action Pen, a pen which originates from the 1960's and has been ever popular since then.

In a market with a vast selecton of advertising pens of doubtful origin and quality, the Original Floating Action Pens stand out as a quality pen. The pens has moving objects inside a transparent barrel and Eskesen's skilled designers can adapt the pen to perfection showing a customer's products, services or any other desired commercial message.

it is not difficult to design your own custom advertising pen. The online editor on Eskesen's website does most of the work and lets you get creative with stock images or your own custom artwork and logo(s).

Designs are saved for three months so you have plenty of time to get creative and work on the best possible result. All designs can be viewed with flash animation in the online configurator.

You can use the online configurator without any password and you do not have to log in. Just start the configurator at get creative.

Click HERE to get creative and see how your own advertising pen could look.