Floating pen

A floating pen does not float on water. On the contrary it contains a liquid in which a sliding film is showing a floatinc scene which is often used to promote products and/or services or is used as souvenirs. You can make everything move in a floating pen. Cars can drive, boats can sail, deer can walk in the forest or a sky diver can jump from the Eiffel Tower. The possibilites are endless and only your imagination and creativity sets the limits. The Original Floating Pen has been copied by companies in the Far East. Do not support piracy - buy the original.

The container ship can be unloaded, th car can drive, the duck can walk the swamp and the fish can swim in the coral reef.

Just imagine what the Floating pen can do for you! It is truly amazing what you can do with this floating pen. It is no wonder that the Original Floating pen is óne of the best known pens in the world.

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