Fun corporate gifts

When you are looking for fun corporate gifts do not miss the Original Floating Action Pen. It is fun because of the design barrel which contains a floaty scene with moving images. The movement occurs when the pen is tilted. With a floaty pen you can create many fun corporate gifts and design that support the overall marketing and design strategy of the company.

With full colour artwork on both front and back of the pen and the ingenious system of a film sliding in between a foreground and a background you can e.g. show a pig going into the slaughterhouse and coming out on a conveyor belt as pork chops, or a human moving into the x-ray scanner, or just a simple logo moving on the backdrop of the product or factory.

Possibilities are endless and only limited by imagination. Try to imagine how you would like your fun corporate gifts to look and now imagine if you could make a small "movie" and put it in the pen.

Now just do the images, upload them and watch your imagination come to life as a virtual flash animated sample -  it's that simple!

Click HERE to create your own fun corporate gift design.