NHL Logo merchandise

Imagine a hockey player skating down the ice rink passing behind the opponent, approching the goal keeper and scores a goal. Now, imagine showing this in a pen for sale at the team shop as NHL logo merchandise. This is made possible in the famous Original Floating Action Pen which has the ability to show movement inside the transparent tube.

The Floaty effect of The Original Floating Action Pen is a superb match with action sports such as Hockey and NHL teams can benefit enormously from including the pen in their assortment of NHL logo merchandise.

By standard the NHL logo merchandise floaty pens are supplied in counter-ready display boxes, but they can also be individually packed.

In stead of just imagining how your NHL logo merchandise could look, you actually create your own virtual sample online. Just follow the artwork size guidelines in the product configurator and upload your images. You will see a virtual sample instantly, and it even includes the motion in an animated flash movie.

Click HERE to create your own custom NHL logo merchandise.

Note: Eskesen does not hold any NFL logo merchandise manufacturing license. It is the responsibility of the ordering customer to ensure that they have a valid license for any manufactured merchandise.