Promotion gifts

Promotion gifts are generally gifts given as a kind of promotion or as a promotion. Imagine a doctor given a floating action pen as a promotion for a certain type of drug or treatment. Promotion gifts are usually rather inexpensive, but can have great value for the receiver. There are, however, also examples of extraordinary extravagant promotional gifts, such as expensive wathes, travels etc., but this becomes more and more rare.

Good promotion gifts do not need to be expensive to have a high impact. The Original Floating Action Pen is priced in the lower to mid-end for pens, yet it is completely custom made for each company. The pen features four different artwork layers which are printed in full colour. With these four elements you create the stunning floating action effect which spellbinds the receivers of the pens.

Medical companies, software houses, car manufacturers, airlines, construction companies and hundreds, even thousands of other segments have dicorevered that when it come to promotion gifts, the Original Floating Action  pen is among the leaders.

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