Promotional products

Promotional products are an important factor when planning any branding campaign, product launch or business event. Promotional products should be attractive, of good quality and have an appearance that attracts the attention of the target group of customers. All this and much more is achieved with The Original Floating Action pens. They are among the best known promotional products in the world, and their life span ensure a very high return on investment as the pens are kept for many years, long after the ink is used up. The moving images inside the pen barrel is the key to attention.

FACT: Promotional products will benefit your marketing strategy.

Quality promotional pens and your promotions go together like sun and beach. Eskesen can assist your advertising with high-quality giveaway items and we transform your needs into amazing designs in our Original Floating Action pens or key tags. Prior to ordering a virtual animated sample will ensure that the designs are exactly the way you want them.

Just as an example imagine that your customer is in the beverage business, selling soft drinks and they have a brand new flavour coming out we can design a pen showing the new soft drink pour from the bottle into the mouth of a teenager or into a glass, with animation directly in the body of the pen.

Our sales department can help you select the perfect promotional items for your marketing needs, and whether you want the Famous Original Floating Action Pen, Floating action key tags or other viants such as a bottle opener or just plan acrylic key tags we can asssist from beginning until end of your project.

FICTION: Promotional products are a waist of money.

Promotional products bring value and brand recognition at an inexpensive price. Choosing the right promotional products for for your product promotions or trade show giveaways can play a part in any successful marketing campaign and can even result in more success than more expensive media compaings through television advertisements or social media promotions.

If you look through your office or home you are likely to pocess several pens or other promotional products you saved for sentimental reasons or because they have a high usability. The more useful in your daily life the more value the promo item has for the company handing it out at trade conventions or other events.

Eskesen is a reputable supplier of promotional products and our history goes back more than sixty years. Most people have at some point in their life come across one of multible of our products. Who does not recall the famous pens with women and men undressing, a product which is still a popular writing article. In fact this same technique is also used e.g. in the fashion industry to show models change outfits, beverages pouring into a glass, motor oil dispersing through the engines and much, much more.

We do not make promises we cannot keep. When you order promotional pens from Eskesen we assist you throught the entire process from the initial contact until delivery of the finihsed product and we take pride in providing the best possible service through the entire process.

We specialize in custom branded pens which are manufactured in our own European (Danish) factory to the highest quality possible.

If you're looking for a company that manufactures inferior promo items from China which are in fact mostly not on top of the most wanted promotional products list for your customer you should keep looking because then Eskesen is not the supplier you are looking for.

However, if you prefer to work with a reputable European supplier, who also manufacture under the strict and controlled European rules and legislation paying due consideration to the environment then you have selected right.

Our range of promotional pens, key tags and souvenir items can fit almost any promotional campaign, event or planned marketing activity.

To create your own promotional product design you just have to click HERE and start being creative.