Souvenir key rings

Souvenir key rings from Eskesen, Denmark are high quality key rings and some belong to the floaty family of products with includes the popular Original Floating Action Pen. All souvenir key rings from Eskesen are made in Denmark to the highest European standards. If you are looking for souvenir key rings do not miss some of the most popular souvenir key rings on the market - visit the product section on this web site.

The floaty souvenir key rings are very special as they have a moving film inside a transparent barrel. This moving film can depict anything such a a moose strolling over the open field, fish in the sea, or a cruise liner mooring at one of those exotic islands.

The possibilities are endless and only one's imagination sets the limit.

You can customize your own souvenir key rings right here with full colour designs Why not give it a try, you will be amazed of the possibilities. All our products are made in Denmark!

Click HERE to create your own acrylic souvenir key chains.