New Washing Machine -

In our "liquid department" smiles are big after the installment of a new custom built washing machine which takes some hard work out of the production process.
New Washing machine for floating action pens at Eskesen A/S

Eskesen's Original Floating Action Pens are filled with mineral oil in the floating barrel and of course they are greasy after being filled.

For many years washing the barrels was manual labour and one of the physically most challenging job positions at Eskesen due to the way the manual washing was done.

Over several years we have worked hard to improve the physical work conditions at our factory and the "liquid department" was one of the remaining "bottlenecks"

This has now been solved with the addition of the new advanced washing machine which has increased both the production capacity and smiles of our employess and at the same time it has eliminated hard labour and replaced it with supervision.

Eskesen is now highly automated throughout our factory and high degree of automation means that our production capacity and flexibility is very high and our production costs are under control.