Car key rings

Car key rings are an absolute "must have" for every car dealership. Not only do they provide the telephone number and other contact details for the owner of the car when he needs it the most, but the promotional effect is also important. Eskesen has supplied car key rings to the automotive industry and car dealers across the world for many years.

Sometimes it can be an obstacle to have an interesting car key ring designed and some tend to go with the second best - just a car logo on one side and black and white imprint on the other with their contact details. However, sometimes this could be a waste of money, since any car key ring which is not attractive will be disposed of by the receiver.

When you are spending your promotional budget, why not purchase beautiful car key rings at the same price. With Eskesen you have the option of full color print on both sides at no extra charge.

With our easy-to-use configurator you can easily upload your images which can be digital photos of your dealership, logos, people or whatever you want. View instantly in your preferred product and when you are ready, just submit to eskesen for a quote or to order. It does not get anymore simple than that.

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