China pens

Many believe that they save money by sourcing pens from China. China pens are not necessarily cheaper and certainly not better quality. Take the Original Floating Action pen for instance. The ability to show any product or service in motion makes the Original Floating Action Pen perfect as a promotional pen. Every design is custom made and the possibilities are endless. It is made in Denmark and the price is comparable to similar China pens, however, it is danish quality and it is the Original Floating Action Pen. Remember: Do not support product piracy - buy the original!

No china pens are designed here. This is the home of the Original Floating Action Pen, a high quality product which is made in Denmark.

Choose amongst thousands of existing images and backgrounds or upload your own artwork for a pen. When you're done just click animate to view the action in your own pen.

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You will not find any china pens here - only high quality products - made in Denmark