Custom logo pens

Custom logo pens from Eskesen, Denmark are very unique. The Original Floating Action pens offer corporate companies the chance of creating their own custom logo pens using up to four layers of full colour artwork, placed inside pen. When the pen is tilted one of the images moves up and down inside the pen between two other films creating the world famous floaty effect.

Some may regard pens as inferior promotional products due to the massive import of low quality pens from Asia. However, the Original Floating Action Pen is made entirely in Denmark Europe, and the parts we do not manufacture, like the ballpen refill, are sourced from quality manufacturers in Germany and Schwitzerland.

In the product configurator on this web site you can try your own design inside a virtual sample. Just prepare the images, upload them and view the result instantly with flash animation.

We call this service to our customers, a service that is naturally free of charge and free from any obligations. You do not even have to register to try the configurator - it is free to all.

Click HERE to create your own custom logo pens design.