Floaty key rings

Key rings are a popular give away but floaty key rings add a touch of finesse to this item. Floaty key rings are key rings with a sliding film inside a transparent tube. When the key ring is tilted, the film moves up and down inside the barrel between a foreground and a background creating the famous 3D floaty effect. Add to this that the back side of the floaty key ring is also printed in full colour and you have a unique product and a unique chance to promote your product and/or service with some of the world's most popular give-aways.

Eskesen does not have any set-up fees or other hidden costs. If you pocess just very basic graphic skills you can easily set up the artwork for floaty key rings yourself and also eliminate any artwork charges.

Setting up a design in our configurator is easy and you can review the final animated design instantly as a virtual sample in flash.

Impress your customers today. Click HERE to create your own floaty key ring design.