Key fobs

Eskesen has manufactured key fobs with high quality designs moulded into the plastic for many years. We were one of the first companies to ever master this production method. Eskesen's Eurokey program, which includes logos of all the major automotive brands, are custom key fobs with high quality full colour logo imprint of each individual car brand. On the back the name and contact details of the individual car dealership is printed. Contact Eskesen for all your key fob needs.
If you have good images you can size them to fit our generator and this will allow you to make professional looking key fob design in our online designer. Just upload your images in the correct size to fit the chosen product and view the result online.

The high quality transparent foil is printed in full colours on both sides and is moulded into the key fob for extra durability and quality. Our key fobs are scratch resistant. Made in Denmark!

Click HERE to create your own acrylic key fob design