Promotional merchandise pens

Eskesen - Your #1 source for promotional merchandise pens and other promotional products. Eskesen has manufactured promotional merchandise pens for more than 60 years and our pens are among the most popular promotional merchandise pens in the world.

Through the success in the last many years, we have gained a reputation for meeting the needs of business marketing and corporate branding for many companies by providing promotional promotional merchandise pens available with personalized designs and with custom, full colour logos.

Promotional merchandise pens must be interesting and offer something extraordinary to the receiver in order to be remembered and used for a prolonged period of time.
The Original Floating Action Pen is one of the best choices when you are sourcing promotional merchandise pens as it offers a function not seen in other pens.

The Original Floating Action Pen has designs inside the pen which are moving up and down as the pen is tilted. This gives the pen the ability not only to show high quality full colour graphics but also show the function of a product or service.

This is why so many companies source their promotional merchandise pens from Eskesen, the leading Danish pen manufacturer and the inventor of The Original Floating Action Pen.

The moving element inside the floaty pen adds a twist to the pen, which has appeal to all customer target groups irrespective of their age and gender. Most people find the floaty pen amusing, interesting and intriguing - promotional merchandise pens so unique that they keep it even long after the ink runs dry.

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