Souvenir floaty toothbrush

A souvenir floaty toothbrush is handy when away from home. it is a toothbrush with floating action in the handle, e.g. showing King Kong climbing the Empire State Building or showing a moving canoe from the latest trip to the lake. Souvenir floaty toothbrushes sell well in the retial shops and are popular destination gifts.

Design your own souvenir floaty toothbrushes easily with the floaty configurator. You can make any type of design for your souvenir floaty toothbrushes, e.g. black bears walking the field or mountains, flocks of birds in the clouded sky, a tourist bus actually driving in the city, or a scuba diver or snorkler swimming among the fish on the reef.

The are almost no limit to the design possibilities for souvenir floaty toothbrushes and the more attractive the design is the better the souvenir floaty toothbrushes will sell in your shop.

Souvenir floaty toothbrushes are a novelty product made in Denmark by Eskesen.

Click HERE to create your own souvenir floaty toothbrush design.