Souvenir key fobs

Souvenir key fobs can be found everywhere. You find them at most souvenir shops irrespective of desination or if you are vising a theme park, aquarium or the main street of any major city in the world. Some souvenir key fobs stand out as special and among these are the souvenir key fobs from Eskesen, of which some belong to the floaty family.

Sure, we also manufacture standard acrylic key fobs with beautiful and colourful designs, and ours are of very good quality. Our hearts, however, are beating for the floating action pens and souvenir key fobs.

The floaty family of products include the world famous Original Floating Action Pen and a variety of other floaty products such as the souvenir key fobs, toothbrushes, bottle openers etc.

Click HERE to create your own acrylic souvenir key fob design