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Eskesen is the manufacturer of The Original Floating Action Pen which has been a popular promotional give-away and souvenir since it was invented in the early 1950’s.
The company is situated in Store Merloese in Denmark, Europe and all products are manufactured at our production facilities in Store Merloese.

Since the start in 1946, the company has manufactured liquid-filled products with movable images. They are sold under the name “Floating Action”. Eskesen also manufactures a broad range of acrylic products amongst which key tags and bottle openers are the best known.

Our objective is to ensure continuous growth, to maintain a dominating role within production and sale of the Floating Action products and to strengthen our position for our acrylic key tags and bottle openers.

This objective is to be obtained by means of innovative high-quality products, sophisticated production technology, quality management, short delivery time and reliability of delivery as well as marketing activities which must offer a mutual professional cooperation for everyone in the chain of distribution, all the way to the end user.

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