Code of Conduct

Our company believes we must not only meet the expectations of our customers and consumers, we must exceed those expectations. Therefore, we have implemented standards for the safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes and we are committed to respecting the rights of individuals and the environment. We are dedicated to complying with all applicable (local and international) laws and to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Law & regulation
We will comply with all applicable (local) laws and regulations, particularly regarding product safety and environmental issues. We will meet applicable recognized voluntary industry standards for our products and processes.


No child labor
We will not use child labor. We will comply with all minimum age provisions of applicable laws & regulations.


No abuse of labor
We will not tolerate any form of forced labor or labor, which involves physical or mental abuse or any form of mental or corporal punishment.


Workplace conditions
We will provide a safe, healthy and secure workplace. We will abide by all applicable (local) laws and regulations for safety and health.


Freedom of Association
We recognize and respect the freedom of our employees to choose whether to associate or organize with any group of their own choosing. If employees are represented by an organization recognized under (local) law, we respect the right to bargain collectively.


No exploitation, discrimination or intimidation
Under no circumstances will the exploitation of any vulnerable individual or group, discrimination and/or intimidation be tolerated.


Working hours and wages
We will comply with all applicable wage, work hours, hiring, benefits, and overtime laws and regulations.


In the absence of a law in a particular location relating to product safety, labor, employment, environment or working conditions, the spirit and intent of these policies shall be met.

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