Below we present various videos for different industries so you can get a better feeling of our work and your possibilities with the Original Floating Acton Pen.


We mean business! The Original Floating Action Pen IS business – your business! It is the perfect companion for a future campaign or event and is perfect as promotional gift for your customers when you i.e. launch a new product.

Real Estate

Real Estate agencies depend on reputation often buyers will turn to the same agency when they are reselling a house. To be top of mind with customers a Floating Action Pen will be a constant reminder to all current and potential customers.


As a car dealer, your merchandise should reflect the cool advertising spots on television where the fancy car cruises out of a south French road next to the sea or the smart city car cruises through the streets of the metropolis. You sell a dream. Use your imagination and turn the advertisements into your merchandise.

Public Transport

The Original Floating Action pens are perfect as promotional products for public transport companies. The movement of the pen of any means of transport will certainly catch the eye of customers and business partners. Create a fun give away when launching new transportation routes or when incorporating new trains and buses.

Breweries & Beverages

Breweries use many different promotional products in their advertising. The Original Floating Action Pen is well suited for this segment becasue it can litterally fill up a glass.

Renewable Energy

The Original Floating Action pens are perfect as souvenirs for companies involved with renewable energy. The movement inside the pen of any icon or the shift from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy promotes this segment in a unique way.


The Original Floating Action Pen is a great give away or collectible used for sports events and as merchandise. Why not take your sponsorship into a new direction using a floaty pen to achieve even more visibility. And remember that the Original Floating Action Pen is a huge collector’s item worldwide.

Cruise Lines

The Original Floating Action Pens are perfect both as give-aways and for sale as souvenirs in retail shops onboard the cruise ships. They promote the individual cruise line and are a constant reminder with customers to book another trip.


Go to fabulous Las Vegas, have a cocktail, spend some money at the slot machines or at the gambling tables and throw the dice. With the movement inside the Original Floating Action Pen casinos and online gaming sites can tell a story and i.e. throw the dice, let the roulette spin and much more. Why not bring in the floaty pens at the front desk or in shops around the casinos so guests and players can pick up a floaty pen as a memorable gift to remember their stay before heading back home.


Broadcast your message in the Original Floating Action Pen Made in Denmark by Eskesen. The floaty pen can be used for both giveaways and merchandise. Have a golfer putting the ball in hole or brand a specific golf player or golf club. Use the floaty pen as a promotional gift or as merchandise for golf players, for tournaments just to mention a few. Why not take your sponsorship into a new direction using a floaty pen to achieve even more visibility. And remember that the Original Floating Action Pen is a huge collector’s item worldwide.

Theme Parks

The theme park season is coming up and it is about time to start developing creative Floating Action Pen designs to promote this segment and to get the pens into the theme parks in due time before the opening season. Be inspired from watching the animated demo.

Food Processing

Food companies, whether they are retail or B2B, can really benefit from the Floating Action pens in their promotion. This animation shows how food can be promoted with our unique pen. Visit www.eskesen.com for more information

Travels & Branding of New Destinations

We are longing for summer which is just around the corner. Do you remember when you were a child and bought a floaty pen whenever you were travelling? Perhaps you still do. Or perhaps you are branding new travel destinations? Or perhaps you are a fan of the Original Floating Action Pen. Either way check out this new animation which we hope you will enjoy.

Valentine’s Day

The Original Floating Action Pen with heart-shaped top and floating hearts is the perfect match for Valentine’s Day. Add a 1-colour barrel imprint to customize the pen. Contact us at sales@eskesen.com for more details!

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