Fairware Promotional Products Ltd

“We love working with you guys because we feel as though we are companies with similar values. We really appreciate that you’re a small company working to better your communities, and we’ve always had great experiences working with you. Plus, your products are fun and we like that the floating pens add a bit of personality and playfulness to what could be a standard pen with a simple logo on it. We had a lot of fun with the Ben & Jerry’s project, and we think in the end they turned out really well – with the sprinkles falling onto the ice cream!” 

Zoë Quinn

Marketing Manager

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S

“At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have chosen to use Eskesen as our s upplier for whenever we need to do a campaign with a bit extra eye-catching twist, for very reasonable prices. Eskesen can turn a simple writing pen into a quite valuable marketing tool; by strengthen your campaign with a visual and vivid experience. It is truly a pleasure working together with the Eskesen team where every detail and process always benefits their client. Your ideas are always taken in warmly and the outcome never disappoints.”

Manel Romeu Bellés

Industry Marketing Manager


“A story spanning about six seconds unfolds among Eskesen’s pens. The one-of-its-kind story which belongs to no one can be created by yourself.
When making the Original Floating Action Pen, customers pour their heart into designing this pen. Is there any other writing material that has such a wonderful process? It is used for company sales promotions, character merchandise, artist concert merchandise, and so on, because it is a unique and original product.
Many people do not like copies. They treasure craftsmanship, respect their ancestors, and value safety. Eskesen’s products fulfill those conditions and all their products are stamped. The proof of trust is there. We recommend Eskesen who can be trusted, because we put our customers’ brands first.”

Maiko Nakamura


Total Merchandise Ltd

“We have been working with Eskesen for a number of years now and although the product offering we use from them is limited they offer a very unique range. An offering of promotional products that are very tactile and entertaining with a wealth of possibilities. Branding possibilities are pushed so much further with the use of Eskesen products and certainly adds something extra to the offering to the end clients.”

Jason O'Connor

Founder & Sales Director

Float Art Design, LLC

“I saw my first float pen in 1986, and I immediately fell in love. Having a background in graphic arts and sales, my driving passion became to design and distribute these lovely gems – these practical pens with unlimited potential for creativity. I started my firm Float Art Design in 1995, and for almost 25 years now Float Art Design has distributed Eskesen float pens – and only Eskesen’s – as they are far superior to any other brand. Not only is the pen quality better, but Eskesen has always been extremely conscientious, honored their deadlines, and provided wonderful customer service.”

Nancy Nerenberg


Product 101, Inc.

“Product 101 has been offering the Eskesen Original Floating Pen to our clients for about 20 years. Working with the Eskesen factory in Denmark is a seamless, very organized process and the pen itself proves to be a winner at a very attractive price point. Definitely a keeper!” 


Elisa Rowan

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