Today the importance of recycled and ecofriendly products is huge. But when it comes to a liquid filled plastic product where clarity and visibility is the most important feature of the product then it is not that easy to use recycled material.

Denmark as a country has a green profile because we have a lot of general focus concerning sustainability. In general we can state that being a Danish company we have to comply with a numerous number of laws and legislation.

Therefore, we believe that sustainability is much more than just materials. Sustainability is also a matter of general behavior and taking care of the environment.

  • We manufacture our products at our own factory in Denmark.
  • We reuse as much as we can when making our products.
  • We supply new refills to minimize waste.
  • We have changed from manually to automatically washing of design barrels and thus saving a lot of water.
  • We have supported the work processes with new equipment to reduce heavy manually lifts.
  • We mainly use Electricity as a power source and gradually we will stop the remaining use of fossil fuels over the next few years.
  • All products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines and in accordance with both national and international environmental and safety guidelines.
  • We use loosefill which is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable, it can be disposed of home, or through a commercial composter.
  • Shipping from Denmark ensures a short transport route for our products compared with products imported from Asia to Europe.
  • Our suppliers comply with REACH.
  • We have more female than male labor, so we support this as well.
  • Equal labor means equal salary.
  • We are member of the Confederation of Danish Industry and we follow the agreement from Confederation of Danish Industry.
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